Staff Augmentation

Enhance your I.T. team without the overhead

Even if your business already has internal I.T. personnel, you may often find that you still need a helping hand with large projects or catching up on support requests that are over-taxing your resources. Hiring a new employee means paying recruiting expenses, salary, benefits and employment taxes, not to mention the time it takes for training. When you finally get caught up on your workload, that investment may be lost as you are forced to close the position.

A cost-effective alternative to direct hire

Break away from the expense of in-house personnel and let Innovative Computer Solutions augment your I.T. staff on an affordable per-hour or contract basis. Our specialists make the best employees: qualified, trained and friendly individuals who will treat your network like their own. We regularly assist other professionals with everything from planning and implementing projects to assisting with day-to-day desktop support during critical work times.

Co-managed Help Desk available

We provide a simple way for your I.T. staff to manage their own internal service requests and escalate issues to our team that require specialized knowledge or skills. Our Co-managed Help Desk is an affordable cloud-based solution that provides robust ticketing and service management features. Users in your organization can submit support tickets that your team will be able to review, enter time on, and add notes to. When the issue is resolved, close the ticket and it will remain available to you for future reference. If the issue requires the assistance of our team, just hit the “Escalate” button and send it to our technicians. We’ll resolve the problem, add our notes, and notify you when it’s complete.