Online Backup

Simple, worry-free backups without the hassle.

Your data is critical to your business and ensuring you have a reliable backup method will help keep that data from being lost in the event of hardware failure, natural disaster, or human error. While many traditional backup solutions require you to monitor your backup jobs and change tapes, our Online Backup is a managed, off-site solution that is monitored 24/7 by our technicians to ensure your backups are always safe and secure.

How it works

A small application runs locally on your desktop, laptop, or server and routinely backs up your files to a secure off-site datacenter, and optionally to a local storage system. Not sure how to setup a backup? No problem – Our team of specialists can configure everything for you. Innovative Computer Solutions will be alerted if there are any issues with the backup process (such as failed or missed backups) and take steps to remediate them, making Managed Online Backups a truly “set it and forget it” solution.

Who needs Managed Online Backup?

Anyone who wants to protect their data from hardware failure, natural disasters, or vandalism can benefit from our Online Backup product. We have storage plans designed for small home users with 5GB of data up to enterprises with more 500GB. For the most robust protection, inquire about our Business Continuity options.

Why choose Managed Online Backup?

  • Competitive Pricing – Exceptional features and local service at a surprisingly affordable rate ensure you don’t put yourself out of business trying to protect your business.
  • Fast and Compressed – Managed Online Backup compresses your data down to the smallest possible size, saving valuable bandwidth and reducing your storage costs.
  • Exchange & SQL Support – Unlike most backup services, support for advanced applications like Exchange, Microsoft SQL, MySQL, and Oracle is built-in.
  • Flexible Backup Scheduling & Retention – With extensive features such as Continuous Data Protection (CDP) backups, we can design a  backup schedule and retention policy that makes the best use of bandwidth without dragging down your internet speed.
  • High Security – Several encryption standards are available, including military-grade AES-256, to ensure your data is never visible to anyone but you. After transmission, your data is stored in hardened datacenter with 24/7 surveillance and armed guards.
  • Backed by the Innovative Computer Solutions Team – We have decades of combined experience managing backup and disaster recovery for SMB clients. By using Managed Online Backup, you get an integrated solution that is backed by the same local team who manages all of your other IT needs.