Business Continuity

Protect your assets and make downtime history.

If your business relies on technology every day, then you need to think beyond simple backups that have lengthy restore times and may be prone to human error. Your business needs a full end-to-end disaster recovery solution that can resurrect your critical applications even in the event of a major disaster such as a fire, hurricane, or theft. That’s Business Continuity – the power to keep your operations running no matter what gets in the way. Innovative Computer Solutions offers our premier Backup and Disaster Recovery solution, Business Continuity, to meet this need at a fixed monthly cost – completely managed, no hassle, no hidden fees, no worries.

How it works

Business Continuity utilizes a powerful local appliance that stores complete images of your critical servers and workstations on-site, and then sends all of your data to two highly secured bi-coastal data fortresses. Backups can run as often as every 5 minutes, ensuring your data loss (RPO) is minimal. In the event of a failure (for instance, a server crash) we can instantly create a running copy of the last known state of the device, allowing your users to get back to work almost immediately. If your entire office suffers a disaster, your servers can be restored in our datacenters in a matter of minutes. Because we backup complete images of your systems, there is no need to reinstall or reconfigure applications and operating systems – your recovered environment is an exact duplicate of your production systems.

Who needs Business Continuity?

Businesses who have a reliance on their workstations, servers, and/or network to continue daily operations should strongly consider a robust solution like Business Continuity. The cost of downtime for a business is dramatic – not just the cost to repair the problem and try to recover data, but all the lost time, productivity, and sales. Unlike your home computer, your business can’t afford to be shut down for long periods of time – so why trust your backups to the same commodity online backup solution you use at home?

Why choose Business Continuity?

  • End-to-end Solution – On-site and off-site backups in redundant locations means Business Continuity is a “one-stop” backup, disaster recovery, and business continuity solution.
  • Secure & Compliant – We use bank grade AES 256 and SSL key-based encryption for your data. Our solution is HIPAA, PCI, and SOX compliant.
  • Simple Monthly Service – No up-front software or hardware expenses and no yearly licensing renewals or upgrades. Everything is included!
  • Extremely Scalable– From 250GB up to 40TB, we can protect nearly any size data set on any device.
  • Leading RPO/RTO – Backup entire servers every 5 minutes and recover them even faster regardless of the disaster. No one can match our speed or flexibility when it counts most.
  • Testing & Planning – Other solutions focus only on the backup – we focus on the recovery with a fully customized DR plan and regular off-site testing.
  • Business Insurance – Ultra reliable backup methodologies and multiple fail safes provide you with the peace-of-mind of knowing your business has a total protection plan for data.
  • Backed by the Innovative Computer Solutions Team – We have decades of combined experience managing backup and disaster recovery for SMB clients. By using Business Continuity, you get an integrated solution that is backed by the same local team who manages all of your other IT needs.