Managed Services

Break away from the break-fix cycle

Traditional I.T. service companies only offer their services in a “break-fix” model: your equipment breaks, costing you time and money, and you wait while your I.T. company dispatches someone to fix it. We say: why wait? Our growing suite of Managed Services empowers your business to take control of I.T. expenditures and provide proactive response. We monitor your service 24/7 and immediately contact you at the first signs of trouble.

Better than a monthly check-up

If you currently receive a periodic “check-up” from your I.T. provider, how often does it happen? Monthly? Every quarter? What happens if your backup stops working the day after they visit? You may not know about the failure for another month! With Innovative Computer Solutions Managed Services, your systems are being watched 24/7/365 by a team of trained professionals who can not only spot errors and failures, but the warning signs that help us prevent problems instead of reacting to them.

Multiple managed services available

From our core management product, we offer several services including remote monitoring, auditing, antivirus, patch management, and backup that can all be monitored and managed centrally by our team of professionals.